Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center

The Ride to Conquer Cancer: Your Dollars at Work


The Abramson Cancer Center is a world leader in providing state-of-the-art cancer care through the latest forms of cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. We are dedicated to providing access and continually developing advanced care for our patients and families in the relentless pursuit to eliminate the pain and suffering caused by cancer. ACC is home to over 400 basic, translational and clinical scientists who work relentlessly to determine the pathogenesis of cancer. Together, the faculty are committed to improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. And with access to genomic testing through Penn’s Center for Personalized Diagnostics and breakthrough immunotherapy, proton therapy, clinical trials, and surgical innovations, the Abramson Cancer Center offers options not found anywhere else in the region.

The Abramson Cancer Center is the cornerstone of the Penn Cancer Network, a select group of community hospitals throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware that offers an integrated system of care between community hospitals and Penn.

Your participation in The Structure Tone Ride to Conquer Cancer® will support our team approach to cancer research, education, and care, ensuring the sustainability of our core mission:

  • Development and support of team-oriented research and care programs specializing in each type of cancer

  • Expansion and integration of cancer-related patient services and interdisciplinary clinical programs

  • Development and support of educational programs for physicians, scientists, students, nurses, and others to stay current on the latest cancer information

  • Recruitment and support of new faculty with a commitment to cancer research and care

  • Community outreach and education to enhance cancer prevention in our communities



Highlights of Breakthroughs

The Abramson Cancer Center is a powerhouse in medical, research, and surgical breakthroughs, and with proceeds from The Structure Tone Ride to Conquer Cancer® we will continue our historic contributions towards the eradication of cancer.

Highlights of Breakthroughs Against Cancer at Penn:

Discovery of the Philadelphia chromosome, the first demonstrated evidence that abnormal chromosomes can cause cancer. This discovery founded a new era in cancer genetics.

TransOral robotic surgery (TORS), a revolutionary breakthrough in minimally invasive surgery that removes previously un reachable tumors in head and neck patients. Penn surgeons developed this procedure for this patient population, led the way for it to be approved by the FDA, and educate surgeons and institutions around the world in its benefits. For many years, the standard approach to head and neck cancers has been radical surgery that left people disfigured with serious long-term problems. By robotically removing tumors by mouth, TORS results in less tissue damage, faster recovery times, and fewer long- term effects reducing healing time and significant impacts to patients’ quality of life.

Proof-of-concept trials found the BRAF gene mutation can be a therapeutic target for melanoma --offering new hope for treatments that seemed impossible only a few years ago. The ACC's Melanoma and Cutaneous Malignancies Program has ushered in a transformative new era of treatment options and hope for patients with melanoma by contributing to the development and clinical use of four new drugs approved by the FDA in the past two years.

Genetic modification of a patient’s own immune cells and re-infusion of these modified CAR-T cells into patients. Dr. Carl June and his immunotherapy team have created a vaccine that produces sustained remissions in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Among the first 59 patients who received this experimental cellular therapy, 89% of patients were cancer free after treatment. These findings demonstrate a show promise for a range of tough-to-treat blood cancers.

Investment in the Future

The Structure Tone Ride to Conquer Cancer® will support the Abramson Cancer Center’s investment in the future as we break through the next frontier of cancer discovery. A few initiatives that will be supported:

Penn Medicine’s Center for Personalized Diagnostics (CPD) marks the ACC’s entrée into the new era of cancer research, one that is identified by an individualized approach to prevention and care and promises better responses and fewer side effects. By using large gene-sequencing panels to detect genomic mutations in tumors, CPD scientists are better able to provide clinicians the tools they need to redefine diagnosis, provide better prognostication, and identify a more appropriate selection of targeted therapies. Since the CPD opened in February 2013, approximately 75% of patients have received results that affected their prognosis or treatment.

Translational Centers of Excellence (TCEs) are flagship medical programs unique to the Abramson Cancer Center that bring together experts from diverse fields to address major challenges in cancer care. With philanthropic support, more TCEs will be launched in the months ahead:

Penn’s LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence is a clinical, research, and education effort that helps cancer survivors enjoy life to the fullest after cancer treatment ends. The program empowers patients to better understand the potential long-term side effects of treatment, implement screening and lifestyle changes to prevent recurrence, and lead the best possible quality of life.

Robert Proton Therapy Center is one of the largest and most comprehensive facility in the world for proton therapy, a non-invasive, precise beam that delivers higher doses of radiation directly to the cancer protons destroying the DNA of cancer cells. Because of the accuracy of the beam, proton therapy spares healthy tissue, which can lead to improved outcomes, fewer side effects and a greater quality of life. It also offers new treatment options for patients whose cancer has recurred.

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