330 miles in under 30 hours for my 30th Cancerversary!

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My favorite nurse Barb.  This was in July 1984 when I just began my first treatment.
My favorite nurse Barb. This was in July 1984 when I just began my first treatment.

Yes, you read that right.  330 miles in under 30 hours for my 30th Cancerversay!  On June 27th and 28th, I will dip my tire in Lake Erie, departing from Cleveland and ride to Cincinnati where I will end and dip my tire into the Ohio River.  No one has ever done this route in under 30 hours-most complete the route in three to five days.  I am doing this to not only personally challenge myself, but to highlight and raise funds for Dr. Carl June.  Dr. June has developed the most promising gene therapy that basically manipulates the white cells to attack only cancerous cells in a person's body.  His initial trials have cured five out of five adults and 19 of 22 children whom had exhausted all other forms of chemotherapy and radiation.  This form of gene therapy has promise for blood cancers, tumors, and even breast cancer!  Continue reading to find out about my wife's famous sugar cookies...


On August 3rd this year I will be celebrating my 30th Cancerversary.  Back in 1984, I was a 15 year old teenager faced with a diagnosis of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and a 35% chance of survival. I was one of the lucky ones.  Over the years, I have known a lot of people that died from leukemia-more have died than I have known to survive.


Why did I survive?  I don't know.  I do know though that I am not going to take my life for granted.  You see, before 1984, there were doctors, researchers, nurses, donors, and volunteers that paved the way for me to have a 35% chance of survival.  If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here today.  It is why I am here today.  I owe a big debt to those people, which is why I am working to repay it for current and future cancer patients, hopefully finding a cure.  You see, I believe in lucky 13.  Taking something negative and turning it into something positive.  This is why I raise funds, and help other cancer patients and survivors. I have a dept to pay.


When I contacted Dr. June's office to see how I could get my donors to donate online, I was told that they were starting a ride similiar to Pelotonia.  This is their inaugural year. They will have a a ride in October of this year that is 150 miles over two days.  So after I do my 330in30for30 ride in June, I will ride in their inaugural ride a few months later.


So, my 330 mile journey is to raise $10,000 and the icing on the cake will be another 150 miles in October.  Please help me end cancer.  If you are lucky and it hasn't affected your loved ones, the odds are at some point it may.  Help me pay it forward and ensure that we find a cure in my lifetime.  Please consider giving a little extra if you can as this is a very lofty goal. 


By the way, If you are confused as to why you were directed to this site from my 330in30for30.com website, I am using Dr June's research center, the Abramson Cancer Center's own ride site called the Ride To Conquer Cancer to accept payments for my 330in30for30 ride.  This way your donations go directly to his research and are tax eductible.  Please call me if you have any additional questions.

Thank you.

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